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Application Engineer

Application Engineer


Purpose / Mission

Providing best technical consulting and solutions to optimize machine performance and maximize sales. Establish technical trust based on high level industry segment and product technology knowledge in the pre-sales phase


Key Accountabilities

Impact on Business (i.e. business contribution, nature and scope of responsibility, risk and financial management, strategic/tactical/operative responsibility)

  • Establish Technical Credibility with Customers: Proactively address customer problems and needs to enhance Festo's reputation and create tangible business opportunities. This involves demonstrating technical expertise and understanding of customer requirements.
  • Consolidate Customer Needs and Sales Information: Integrate customer requirements with sales data to recommend Festo products and solutions tailored to specific applications. This includes conducting conceptual designs, feasibility tests, and crafting proposals at the pre-sale stage.
  • Propose Optimal Solutions: Offer solutions that are both technically sound and commercially viable to increase the probability of winning opportunities. This requires staying informed about competitive intelligence and adhering to industrial norms.
  • Develop Account Strategies: Collaborate with Field Sales Engineers (FSEs) to formulate and execute account plans for high-potential customers. This involves identifying target accounts and devising strategies to develop these accounts.
  • Develop and Share Sales Collateral: Create and distribute effective sales materials to assist the Sales team in applying relevant strategies at each stage of the sales process. This includes coaching Sales on how to use these materials effectively.
  • Promote Success and Knowledge Multiplication: Share successful application stories and knowledge across the team. Work in collaboration with FSEs and Product Marketing Managers (PMMs) to promote functional solutions and target repeat applications.


Innovation and Change (i.e. range and diversity of activities, problems, processes, market dynamics and management challenges that need to be recognized and resolved, improvement of processes, systems or products)

  • Ensure Solution and Technology Readiness: Proactively adapt to rapidly evolving industry technology trends by ensuring that new solutions and technologies are ready for deployment.
  • Continuous Application Development: Collaborate with the local/global engineering center, local/global R&D department and customers to develop applications that tap into new growth areas. This involves staying well-informed of market changes and technological advancements.
  • Establish an Industry-Specific Application Database: Work with the global community of application engineers to build a comprehensive database of applications for each industry. Regularly update this database and propose the most suitable solutions to customers based on their unique needs.
  • Stay Informed on Competitor Information and Customer Needs: Maintain up-to-date knowledge of competitor strategies and customer requirements, particularly from a technology perspective. Use this information to develop competitive strategies in sales and market positioning in collaboration with Field Sales Engineers (FSEs) and Product Marketing Managers (PMMs).


Communication with internal and/or external Customers, Suppliers as well as Third Parties

  • Close Collaboration with Customers: Actively work with customers to identify their needs and provide consultative support to resolve issues, thereby establishing technical credibility and fostering strong relationships.
  • Effective Coordination with the Engineering Center: Engage an effective collaboration with the engineering departments in the company to ensure a smooth handover of projects and minimize project risks.
  • Participate in Customer Events: Provide occasional support and take an active role in customer-focused events, such as workshops and training sessions, to enhance customer engagement and knowledge sharing.


People Leadership (i.e. management, motivation and development of staff as well as teamwork)

  • Regular Training on Best Fit Products and Solutions: Provide consistent and comprehensive training to Field Sales Engineers (FSEs) about product selection and specific industry applications. Ensure that these trainings are up-to-date and tailored to meet evolving customer needs and market trends.
  • Encourage Early Engagement in Sales Lifecycle: Motivate FSEs to engage early in the sales lifecycle. Emphasize the importance of proactive involvement in understanding customer needs and building strong customer relationships from the initial stages
  • Foster a Winning Culture Among FSEs: Inspire a culture of excellence and achievement among FSEs by highlighting and celebrating successful business outcomes achieved through value-added solutions that address customer technical challenges. Encourage the sharing of best practices and learning from successes.


Educational Background

  • Major in Electric, Electronic, Mechatronics engineering or automation engineering.
  • At or above bachelor’s degree


Professional Knowledge and Experiences

  • Proven experience of working as project or application engineer in industrial automation field with focus on Mechatronics.
  • Deep understanding and background of engineering topics including mechanics, motion control and industrial network architecture.
  • Basic programming skills using at least one type of PLC environment.
  • Experience with secondary battery or semiconductor application will be beneficial.
  • Excellent communication skills with customer to solve technical difficulties.
  • Excellent attitude for collaboration with other functions.
  • Good understanding of technical decision-making process and buying behavior.
  • Fluent at verbal and written English as business level
Company:  Festo Korea Co. Ltd.

Seoul, KR, 07298

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